Tooling and Process Applications:
Inside Customer Service
The success of your procurement needs depends heavily on the supplier and the individuals you choose to do business with. We are proud of the high level of service we can provide to you and your organization. Our inside customer service agents are trained and mentored to optimize our service level to you. Their experience, not only in cutting tools and general MRO industrial supplies, but also their professional communication skills and manners, will set our team apart from the competition and give you the exceptional service you deserve!
Outside Customer Service
In today’s manufacturing arena, efficiency and lean practices are essential to survival. Nemic’s outside sales team is dedicated to providing expert product and tooling application solutions. Our team is constantly trained and educated by industry leaders of cutting tools and process improvements, metal cutting coolants and lubricants, bonded and coated abrasives, and many other products that are needed in the metal cutting industry. If you have not been introduced to one of our expert sales staff make sure to contact us today so we can set up an appointment with you and begin taking steps down the path of high productivity and machining efficiencies!
Nemic’s marketing team is dedicated to keeping our customers informed with the latest promotional news. Focused on customer satisfaction, we’re here to help you learn more about special offers! Allow us to help you save big on top of our already competitive prices!
Information Technology:
Nemic is very invested in technology to better serve our customers. A broad range of custom capabilities allows us to meet specific customer needs, as well as create new opportunities to deepen customer relationships. Our technical agility and ability combine to create a unique and responsive customer experience in a market that constantly tells the customer what they will get without asking what they want.