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Lyndex Nikken

Lyndex Nikken HSK End Mill

At Lyndex-Nikken, their mission is to provide the two most important points to keep you ahead of the competition: Advanced technology and the innovation to keep it moving forward. In addition to manufacturing the best machine tool accessories available on the market, their team of highly experienced technicians and product specialists offer unmatched customer service and engineering support to customers worldwide.

Lyndex-Nikken ToolJaws are machinists’ favorite tooling setup fixtures because they are so handy and practical. Load a toolholder into a ToolJaw. You’ll gain immediate access to both the working end and the taper end and your toolholder will be secured by a vise-tight grip. Easy to use, just place or mount your ToolJaw in a convenient spot and slip a holder into its cradle. Raise the flange lock and secure it with an easy-to-grip thumb screw.

ToolJaw provides maximum toolholder accessibility with minimum handling. Less handling means fewer chances of costly toolholders being dropped or damaged. Save the time and the hassles of using yesterday’s toolholder loading and unloading techniques, and save the money you would spend on replacing damaged toolholders.

Lyndex Nikken Lyndex Nikken