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Wilton Clamps

402P, 400P Series C-Clamp

The Wilton C-Clamp 402P, 400P Series creates maximum strength through creative frame geometry, using drop forged steel in its frame, a copper spindle and Perma-pad® to resist corrosion. Recognized as a favorite choice for industrial maintenance, production, and needed repairs and ideal for industrial welding as well as steel fabrication.

Benefits and Features

402P, 400P SERIES C-CLAMP, 0" - 2-1/8"

  • Nominal Clamp Pressure 3,500 Lbs.
  • Nominal Opening Capacity 0 - 2 1/8 ".
  • Spindle Diameter 9/16 ".
  • Throat Depth 2 3/8 ".
  • Net Weight 1.5 pounds.
  • Length 7.7 inch.
  • Width 4.5 inch.
  • Height 1.4 inch.
  • ACME Rolled Spindle.

Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUOMUnit SizeQuantity
402P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamps,WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00
403P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamp, 0WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00
404P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamp,WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00
406P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamp,WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00
408P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamp, 0WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00
410P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamp,WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00
412P, Spark-Duty Drop Forged C-Clamp, 2WMH-TOOL GROUP1.00